Stunning Beach Front Home by George Fielding

Location : New Polzeath, Cornwall

Client : Harrison Sutton Partnership

This stunning home in New Polzeath, Cornwall, sits on the cliffs overlooking the beach below. At the heart of the house, and the first thing you are greeted with upon entering, is a gorgeous spiral staircase with a double height window behind. This offers a changing dynamic throughout the day as the sun creates bold shadows that play on the curves.

Because of the challenging location I had to use a 10m mast to capture external images of both the house and the grounds.

Private House in Cornwall by George Fielding

Location : Polzeath, Cornwall

Client : Harrison Sutton Partnership

I was asked to quickly capture the communal areas of this modern family home in Cornwall. Originally designed as an extension to an existing bungalow, this design makes the most of the natural light and creates a nice blend of open communal spaces and more cosy private spaces.